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The PATURA Calf Box


There are some crucial factors which must work optimally with each other in order to raise calves successfully and healthy: the calf management must be perfectly attuned in terms of husbandry concept, stable climate and feeding. With the help of professionals and farmers we have developed the ideal PATURA calf box when it comes to stable climate and calf husbandry.

The box offers numerous advantages for farmers and animals, and it contributes significantly to a healthy and profitable calf rearing. It has been constructed according to the latest technical and scientific studies. The calf boxes are open at the top and towards the back wall, which leads to a significantly better air circulation. Since the box is also at a certain distance from the wall, the calf is protected from drafts. The rear panel is closed at the bottom part. This creates an area with an optimal microclimate in the back of the box. The rear wall provides an open section in the upper area to ensure well air exchange. This can prevent from coughing and lung disease.

The side walls provided have narrow openings at the top of the panel, so that the animals can establish the required social contact with the animals in the neighbouring boxes. The box dividing panels can be removed as required in order to create smaller or larger group boxes from individual boxes. The front of the box is fully visible for optimal animal control.

In the development process of the PATURA calf box, we attached also great importance to the labor economy and user-friendliness respectively ergonomics for the farmer. Since the boxes are housed in a separate building they offer better working conditions compared to calf huts which are usually outdoors, especially in winter. The farmer can access the box easily at any time, thanks to the 2-part front gate. The open on top boxes allow to work in an upright position.

The dividing panels can completely be pulled out for a comfortable manure removal. Front and back of the boxes are on two solid concrete slabs, which serve as a sliding edge when mucking. The entire sleeping area can be cleaned in one process with a tractor or yard loader. Since calves do not have a completely developed immune system, especially in the first days of life, stable hygiene is a crucial factor. Due to the easy cleaning and maintaining, diarrhea can be prevented optimally.

Farmer Johann Schwimmer has integrated the PATURA calf boxes into his stable and he likes everything about them. Mr. Schwimmer says, „Animal welfare stables are created through innovation rather than ideology.“ Johann Schwimmer received the Bavarian Animal Welfare Prize (Bayerischer Tierwohl-Preis) for his modern stable with the extra dose of animal welfare.

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