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Post Driver, type "Profi 2"

Drive in posts like a professional

Post Driver, type "Profi 2"

The post driver for the fence-building professional, telescope mast for compact transport height and at the same time for maximum post height, hydraulic side shift, hydraulic hammer operation, hydraulic adjustment of lateral and longitudinal tilt, extracting posts is possible, hammer weight: 300 kg, includes drive-in cap
Optional: rock spike
Type: 3.30 - 5.10 m
Specifications: XXX
Packaging unit: (qty 1)
Fence height: 4.20 m
Weight: 300 kg
Total weight: 750 kg
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Type: Rock Spike Kit
Packaging unit: (qty 1)
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Type: Rock Spike
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Type: Cap for rock spike
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Additional informationPATURA offers a top quality range of post drivers not only for the professional erection of pasture fences but also for farmers who want to erect their own fences. Common to all models is the heavy-duty construction, the heavy hammer and the easy, fully hydraulic operation. All models can be fitted to a three-point tow hitch. The post drivers are powered through the hydraulic system of the tractor. When used on steep inclines, a tractor with 4-wheel drive and at least a 70 HP engine (approx. 50 kW) should be used.Product referenceThe mast of the "Profi 1" and "Profi 2" can be extended from 3.30 m to 5.10 m. That allows for compact transport and post length of up to 4.20 m
Product description
Ref.Product namerec. sales price, incl. VAT
153340Post Driver >Pro 2<with telescopic mast and sideshift
153341Automated Rock Spike Kit for >Pro 1<and >Pro 2<
153342Rock Spike, 90 mm, for>Pro 1< and >Pro 2<
153343Cap for Rock Spike, for>Pro 1< and >Pro 2<

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