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Mobile Milk Express

Product detailsThe most important advantages at a glance: • A single person is able to feed 30 calves at the same time. Through labour reduction, even with large herds, there’s now more time to observe individual animals. • For smaller herds it’s possible to cover some foreseen teat openings with a lid. • An electric starter allows an easy operation of the strong Honda 4-stroke pump. Thanks to the high pump volume there's the option to run the milk tanker feeder with whole milk from a self-stocked milk tank. Using milk powder, the whole process with water and mixing takes about 20 minutes, depending on water pressure and size of the water hose. • Besides feeding directly at the tanker feeder, a hose with dispensing nozzle facilitates feeding milk individually. • All used teats are made of a high-quality natural rubber which encourages the calf to suck more intensely and to drink only as much milk as it would get naturally. The calf sucks at a slower pace which stimulates the production of saliva, aiding in digestion. • There’s no need to clean feeding buckets anymore. Another benefit is the self- cleaning function which flushes all parts thoroughly with water pressure. In this process the tank, the teats and the dispensing nozzle will be cleaned in a fast and easy way.

Mobile Milk Express

For a healthy and successful calf rearing of the future: The PATURA Mobile Milk Express feeder tanker allows for a feeding of 30 calves at the same time. Even larger herds can be fed all at once with up to 500 l milk. Using a dispensing nozzle there‘s also an option for individual portions for aminals in pens. A reliable Honda pump makes sure the milk gets mixed optimally and afterwards it flushes all teats with water pressure.
Type: Mobile Milk Express
Specifications: Dimensions: 3.45 x 1.52 x 1.25 m
Honda 4-stroke pump with electric starter
Milk tank volume 500 liters
Float level indicator
Temperature display
Nozzle with flow meter
Self cleaning funktion
Trailer with tandem axle
30 teats
Lids for unused teats
Weight: 315 kg
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Product description
Ref.Product namerec. sales price, incl. VAT
365050Mobile Milk Express
500 l tanker feeder, tandem axle,
Honda 4-stroke pump

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