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Crush A8000/A7500

Product details

Crush A8000/A7500

Type: Cattle Crush A8000
Specifications: hot-dip galvanised,
fully adjustable headbail A3500,
3 side gates on both sides,
two-sided parallel squeeze system,
rear sliding gate,
head-chain-fixation included
Weight: 810 kg
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Type: Cattle Crush A7500
Specifications: Same as A8000, but excluding squeeze system
Weight: 760 kg
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Additional information• Sturdy steel pipe frame 50 x 50 mm, partially double
• Skid-proof steel mesh floor
• Fully adjustable headbail unit A3500 (12 – 85 cm) with automatic brake
• Including head fixation chain
• Automatically sliding back stop with emergency release
• Two-sided parallel squeeze system (85 – 40 cm) with hydraulic hand pump operation
• 3 side gates on both sides
• Smooth-running, self-locking rear sliding gate
• Integrated rectangular tubes for the inclusion of a fork lift for wheel loader, tractor or fork lift
• Integrated mounting plates for load bars MP1010
• Internal dimensions: length 2.75 m, width 0.85 m, height 1.85 m
• External dimensions: length 3.10 m, width 1.45 m, height 2.20 m
Product referencePlease order baulk gate separately
Product description
Ref.Product namerec. sales price, incl. VAT
302800Cattle Crush A8000 parallel squeeze system
302750Cattle Crush A7500 stepless headbail unit, tail sliding
door, without side narrowing
Document download (Man = Manual; Spa = Sparelist)
 Man_297x210_1c_Fangstand_140519 6,2 MB download

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