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Hoof Care Crush “Profi 2”

Order front foot winch or front foot rest separately

Hoof Care Crush “Profi 2”

• Sweep crush with steel grating base, galvanised
• Made of 70/50 x 2.6 mm steel tube
• Recoilless belly strap winch, 2 wide belly straps
• Swinging rear gate, soil guard, recoilless rear foot winch with adjustable working height 75 – 90 cm
• External dimensions l x w x h approx. 210 x 112 x 200 cm
• Inner passing width 75 cm
Type: Hoof Care Crush “Pro 2”
Specifications: Rear gate + winch, soil guard,
incl. 1 set restraining bars
2-wing front gate with locking yoke
Weight: 206 kg
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Additional informationThe hoof care crush "Pro" is now delivered with variable height rear foot winch as standard, allowing different height working positions. The upper position allows for a comfortable working height of 90 cm. For large-framed dairy animals raising the rear foot to this height does not constitute a problem.
For animals of a smaller build or for young cattle, however, the lift should be limited to 75 cm to protect the ligaments of the hind legs.
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310009Hoof Care Crush >Pro 2< , rear gatewith soil guard

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