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Horse Feeder Optimal

Product details• Double swinging feed front for low feed loss
• Narrow feed front spacing

Horse Feeder Optimal

The PATURA horse feeder Optimal is the first feeder with swinging feed fronts which are suitable for horses. Thanks to the innovative double swinging baskets it is ensured that the feeding grids always reach the optimum angle at the bale and thus ensure a good accessibility of the feed. The feed front spaces of 6 cm are particularly horse-safe.
Type: Horse Feeder Optimal
Specifications: • With double swinging basket and feed saver netting 4.5 cm
• Inner dimensions: 1.75 x 1.50 m
• Feeding height: up to 72 cm
• Double swinging feed front
• 3-point linkage
• With roof (incl. roof edge protection)
• Delivery as a kit with assembly instructions
Weight: 390 kg
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Type: Horse Feeder Optimal
Specifications: same as above with feed saver netting 6 cm
Weight: 390 kg
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Additional informationChoose mash size according to feeding needs and animal size. Available in 4.5 cm and 6 cm mesh size.
In order to get ideal food intake at the swinging feed basked, we recommend an add-on grid and a feed front extension to enlarge the hight for large-framed horses.
Hay or silage bales up to 1.40 m diameter. We recommend to feed loose hay. No grass cuttings.
Decisive advantage in my benefitFeed saver netting: for adequate feed consumption for horses
Product description
Ref.Product namerec. sales price, incl. VAT
303575Horse Feeder Optimal with feed saver netting 4.5 cm, incl. roof-edge
303576Horse Feeder Optimal with feed savernetting 6 cm, incl. roof-edge

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