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Frost Protection Heater Cable

Please adhere to the local and national installation regulations (e.g. EN1717, DIN VDE0100)

Frost Protection Heater Cable

Type: Length 1 m, 16 W
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Type: Length 2 m, 32 W
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Type: Length 4 m, 64 W
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Type: Length 8 m, 128 W
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Type: Length 12 m, 192 W
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Type: Length 14 m, 224 W
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Type: Length 18 m, 288 W
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Type: Length 24 m, 384 W
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Type: Length 36 m, 576 W
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Type: Length 48 m, 768 W
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Technical dataFrost Protection Heater Cable
230 V, with thermostat,
16 W/m (at 0 °C) max.,
2 m electrical lead and plug,
residual current device (30 mA RCD)
to be incorporated by user,
protection grade IP X7
Additional informationSwitch on at 3 °C and switch off at 12 °CPractical tipProtect water lines and heating cables against bite and chew damageProduct referenceUnder no circumstances should this heater cable be shortened
Product description
Ref.Product namerec. sales price, incl. VAT
380010Frost Protection Heater Cable, length1 m, 16 W
380022Frost Protection Heater Cable, length2 m, 32 W
380040Frost Protection Heater Cable, length4 m, 64 W
380080Frost Protection Heater Cable, length8 m, 128 W
380120Frost Protection Heater Cable, length12 m, 192 W
380140Frost Protection Heater Cable, length14 m, 224 W
380180Frost Protection Heater Cable, length18 m, 288 W
380240Frost Protection Heater Cable, length24 m, 384 W
380360Frost Protection Heater Cable, length36 m, 576 W
380480Frost Protection Heater Cable, length48 m, 768 W
Document download (Man = Manual; Spa = Sparelist)
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