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Type: Compact Water Trough Mod. 6150
Specifications: Stainless steel, Maxiflow float valve, 3/4" side hookup left or right, wall or pipe mounting, drain1", water flow: up to 40 l/min (at 5 bars), capacity 60 l
Dimensions (cm)
L x W x H:
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Product description
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1306150Compact Water Trough Mod.6150stainless steel, l= 1.0 m, 3/4" hookup,
Maxiflow valve
Document download (Man = Manual; Spa = Sparelist)
 1306150_Man_KompaktTrogtraenke_DE-EN-FR 1,3 MB download
 1306150_Spa_KompaktTrogtraenke 1,1 MB download

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