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PATURA P8000 Tornado Power


Technological leap in pasture device

With the introduction of the completely new P8000 Tornado Power energiser, PATURA underlines its technological leadership in electric fencing systems, once again.

In September 2010 a new standard (DIN/EN 60335-2-76) for electric fence energisers was introduced. The maximum output energy had been limited to 15 Joules. As a result, the stock containment safety, especially for long fences with heavy loads, often had not been assured.

Based upon intensive research and long-time field tests, PATURA has developed a completely new energiser design that allows for a major step forward regarding fence voltages. With 15 Joules output energy, the new PATURA P8000 Tornado Power achieves the same or even higher fence voltages compared to the previous model P8000, with 37 Joules. For more than a year, it has been proven on various farm fences that the P8000 Tornado Power achieves an average of 66% higher fence voltages compared to all competitor’s energisers in the 15 Joules class.

This extreme increase in efficiency has been achieved with the introduction of an isolating power supply (IPS) that is being used with electric fence energisers for the first time.

As a further highlight, a wireless data transmission has been introduced to electric fence systems. All fence data (voltages, error messages, etc.) can be recalled with a smartphone, tablet or PC at any time.
Separate fence sections can be switched ON or OFF using a smartphone or a separate remote control.

With this wealth of innovations, PATURA raises the stock containment safety to an unmatched level. In the future, this allows for species-appropriate livestock farming on pastures, including large areas of land.

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