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Weighing Systems - Basics

The world No. 1 in electronic scales for livestock farming

What does a weighing system consist of?
A system consists of an indicator and 2 load bars or 4 weighing feet. The load bars take the weight and can be mounted under platforms, crushes or other weighing containers. They are connected by cables to the indicator. The values measured by the load cells are converted to a weight in the indicator that is shown on the display. The indicator automatically adapts itself to all weighing elements. Tru-test weighing systems are not weights and measure approved.

How does the weighing system get power?
The indicator can be powered either by a 12V car/tractor battery, or by an appropriate mains adaptor. Alternatively, all models can be powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. Battery operating life is about 8 hours.

Quick, easy weighing
The unique SUPERDAMP© software shows an accurate and stable weight in seconds, even with restless animals. For maximum accuracy the displayed stable weight is continuously updated.

Easy operation
The keys of the scales are large, easy to read, logically arranged and are intuitively operable. The large LCD display is easy to read in all light conditions. Clear operating instructions complete the userfriendly package.

All Tru-Test products comply with the quality standards of ISO 9001 – the world’s highest quality standard.

Simple installation
The scale can be installed and is ready for operation in a few minutes. You need a sturdy, level base (preferably a concrete slab). Depending on application, you then install a stable platform, a crush or other weighing container to the load bars or weighing feet

Walk over weighing - the revolution in weighing

Walk over weighing will revolutionise weighing. Weighing time is reduced without having to stop the animal. The animal is identified electronically and the weight is captured automatically as animals walk across the platform. Identification process works via an ear tag reader which forwards the information to the indicator XR3000 WOW. Walk over weighing requires that the animals pass the platform regularly and smoothly, as e.g. with dairy cows after milking.

How rugged is the system?
Tru-Test indicator, load bars and weighing feet are ideally suited for the harsh requirements of a farming environment. The electronic parts are completely sealed and thus absolutely watertight. The load cells themselves are made of high-grade aluminium. The weighing feet have IP68 degree of protection. The watertight electrical connectors, which are designed to withstand heavy loads, guarantee accurate weighing over a number of years.

A system for all applications
If you want to weigh animals quickly and accurately, Tru-Test has got exactly the right equipment for you. Just choose the indicator and load bars that suit your needs.

There are 3 Tru-Test series to choose from:
• The value-for-money scales of the Compact Series Ezi-Weigh, which establish the weight rapidly and easily.
• The Profi Series 3000 for professional use, which includes storage and analysis functions as well as animal identification and data transmission to your computer.
• The indicator WOW! XR3000, which enables fully automated walk over weighing

A large variety of weighing elements is available to meet the most diverse applications:
• The handy, cost effective and easy to transport weighing feet.
• Various load bars in severallength with aluminium load cells of the MP-series

Can I download to a computer?
The indicator units of the 3000 series all include a software programme for downloading and/or uploading the stored data to or from a personal computer. The data files can be opened with various spreadsheet programmes. Additionally, you can produce detailed reports on the indicators.

Is the system compatible with ear-tag readers?
The indicator units of the 3000 series have an EID-interface for linking to electronic animal identification (electronic ear-tags, implants, etc.) as per ISO 11784/11785 standards.

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