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  • Calves
  • Cops
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  • Ponies
  • Sheep
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With simulation of animal contact

Digital Voltmeter

Ref. 150302

The indispensable helper for fence control - the PATURA digital voltmeter!

How much voltage does the animal "feel"?

The PATURA digital voltmeter has a built-in load resistor that can be easily switched on if necessary and simulates an animal touch. The voltage readable on the digital display then corresponds to the voltage that is actually left for the animal. In this way, it is easy to see if there are any problems with the fence that prevent the current from flowing effectively. These include poorly conductive strands and tapes, poor connections and inadequate earthing.
Without the load resistor connected, the PATURA digital voltmeter is suitable for all measurements that can be carried out with a voltmeter (e.g. measuring the fence voltage, measuring the device voltage and checking the earthing).

  • Measuring instrument with earth stake and fence contacts
  • Digital display
  • Essential for the monitoring of electric fences, their earthing, for fault finding and for checking equipment
  • With integrated activatable load resistor to simulate animal contact

Product reference

All common digital voltmeters only measure the fence voltage (no-load voltage) without an animal touching the fence. The PATURA digital voltmeter also measures the very important voltage simulating animal contact. Only if this is above 2000 volts your animals will receive a reasonable shock.

More information
More information
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