Suitable for
  • Suckler cows
  • Dairy cows
  • Cops
  • Calves
Cattle Crush A8000

Cattle Crush A8000

Ref. 302800

Technical data

  • Material

    hot-dip galvanised

  • Weight 810,00 kg
  • Length 3.1 m
  • Width 1.45 m
  • Height 2.2 m

The universal cattle crush for all intended purposes

  • Fully adjustable headbail unit A3500 (12 – 85 cm) with automatic brake
  • 3 side gates on both sides
  • Two-sided parallel squeeze system (85 – 40 cm) with hydraulic hand pump operation
  • Smooth-running, self-locking rear sliding gate
  • Including head fixation chain
  • Sturdy steel pipe frame 50 x 50 mm, partially double
  • Skid-proof steel mesh floor
  • Automatically sliding back stop with emergency release
  • Integrated rectangular tubes for the inclusion of a fork lift for wheel loader, tractor or fork lift
  • Integrated mounting plates for load bars HD5T
  • Conversion from left-sided to right-sided operation possible

Product reference

Please order baulk gate separately

Practical tip

Work efficiently, check the state of health, weight and weight gain of your animals regularly.
An important part of professional herd management is an electronic animal weighing unit which can be combined with a crush and which will store the data of each animal with the aid of its ear tag number (see "Weighing Systems").

Important dimensions

  • Interior dimensions: 2.75 x 0.85 x 1.85 m (L x W x H)
  • Outside dimensions: 3.10 x 1.45 x 2.20 m (L x W x H)


  • Parallel Squeeze System (85 cm – 40 cm)
  • Hoof Care Equipment with Recoilless Winches
  • 2 Baulk Gate Options
  • Headbail Units (12 cm – 85 cm)
  • Steel Mesh Floor
  • Optimum access to the animals from both sides
  • Rump Bar
  • Functional inside length of 2.75 m
  • Wide to open front section
  • Simple transport via pallet fork
More information
More information
  • Package type: unpacked
  • Cargo type: Deliveries with PATURA truck or forwarding agent
  • Work efficiently, regularly check the health status of the animals and determine weights and gains. An important part of professional herd management is an electronic animal scale that can be combined with the crush and stores data on each animal based on the ear tag number.

Documents for downloading (Man = operating instructions; Spa = spare parts list; Inf = additional documents)
  • 3028X0_Man_Behandlungsstand_A8000_210927.pdf
    18.22 MB