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  • Calves

For calves up to 2 weeks

Mobile Calf Box MINI

Mobile Calf Box MINI with roof, with Roof

Ref. 362082

Technical data

  • Weight 145,00 kg

The PATURA Mobile Calf Box – with improved features

The mobile calf boxes in the Mini and Maxi versions offer an optimal place for the first days of life of newborn calves. Thanks to the wheels attached in the rear area, the calf boxes can be moved and positioned easily and quickly. This is possible due to an additional transport drawbar for comfortable handling. A safe stand is guaranteed by the two support feet in the front area.

All calf boxes are equipped with a teat bucket holder as well as recesses for two feeding bowls. The access door to the calf car is guided by one rod each on the left and right side. These can be removed quickly and easily if necessary, for example for cleaning.

A non-slip and sanded floor with openings for quick drainage of any liquids ensures that the calf stands securely. The 12.4 mm thick plastic side walls have a smooth surface for optimal cleaning and a high level of hygiene. If the calf cars are to be placed outdoors, both versions, Mini or Maxi, are available with a matching roof. For still easy access to the calf, the height of the roof can be adjusted in two positions.

Available in 2 sizes:

  • Mobile Calf Box MINI, internal dimensions 120 x 80 cm: for calves up to 2 weeks of age
  • Mobile Calf Box MAXI, internal dimensions 160 x 100 cm: for calves up to 8 weeks (plastic walls as standard)

Product reference

  • Mobile calf box for positioning as desired
  • Removable plastic grate for optimal cleaning
  • 2 different sizes for calves up to 8 weeks of age

Important dimensions

  • Internal dimensions: 120 x 80 cm (L x W)
  • External dimensions: 150 x 88 x 145 cm (L x W x H)
  • Width incl. wheels: 102 cm
  • Width roof: 95 cm


  • Hygiene: moisture leaves through plastic grating
  • Secure stand thanks to sanded plastic grate
  • Warmth from below: the calf doesn't lie directly on the ground ①
  • Roof can be opened further for better access to the calf ②
  • Enhanced feed front incl. bucket holder ③
  • Safe transportation even on undulating ground due to wider wheel base ④
  • Drawbar can be mounted to steering from the back or front for more fields of application
More information
More information
  • Package type: unpacked
  • Cargo type: Deliveries with PATURA truck or forwarding agent
    • All mobile calf boxes with new, anti-slip grated floor
    • Calf bucket holder included
    • Delivered in kit form