Suitable for
  • Dairy cows

Comfortable, easy installation, cost-effective

Cubicle Divider Classic Heavy Livestock

  • Ergonomically shaped divider in one piece - Optimum resting comfort for the animal
  • Rigid base plate with 5 screw connections - Simple installation – even in old buildings
  • No posts at the back of the resting area - Easy installation of rubber mats
  • Cubicle divider made of tubing 60 mm (2”) x 3.2 mm - The highest level of stability
  • Easy attachment of a brisket board fastener - Optimum resting position for the animal
  • Available in 4 lengths for heavy livestock
  • Available in 2 lengths for young stock
  • Ø 60 mm
  • For cows
  • With base plate, length 48 cm

Product reference

All posts and cubicle dividers which come into contact with animal soil and waste should be painted with a bitumen coating

More information
More information
  • Package type: unpacked
  • Cargo type: Deliveries with PATURA truck or forwarding agent