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IDEAL for horses!

Elastic Rope Gate Set

Elastic Rope Gate Set, with 3-way gate handle insulator

Ref. 641202

Technical data

  • Length 6 m

As many gates as you need … but as few as possible

Gates in fences are necessary to allow unhindered access to fenced-in areas, as well as for herding animals in and out. Gates often constitute a weak point in a fence - which is why special care is needed in their construction.

  • For gates up to 6.00 m width
  • Complete with 1 gate handle, gate handle insulator, ring insulator and 3.00 m elastic, current conducting rope each

Mounting tip

Gates in the fence – 5 basic rules

  1. Keep the number of gates to a minimum, as gates are always a weak point in the fence.
  2. If possible, ensure that the gate is on level ground, as the gate area is always endangered by erosion.
  3. You will simplify the fence construction by putting the gates in the preferred corner areas.
  4. Never run current through the gate itself from one side to the other, rather use high voltage cable to pass it under the gate.
  5. Do not use spring gate sets in horse fences.
More information
More information
  • Package type: blister
  • Cargo type: Parcel goods

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