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P 8000 Tornado Power

Innovative power supply in energisers The legally required insulation between fence and power supply has been transferred from the transformer to the power supply. The energy is transmitted according to the principle of inductive, electromagnetic coupling. This new innovative power supply (IPC: Isolated Power Coupling) is the prerequisite for a considerable increase in efficiency in device electronics. Especially through lower resistances in the transformer and in the output circuits, it was achieved that the fence voltage remains high even under an extreme load. This technology is protected by patent law.
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P 8000 Tornado Power

The most powerful PATURA energiser for extreme fence conditions and fence lengths; with Tornado Power Technology and active power adjustment; seperate remote control available
Stored energy: 21 Joules
Specifications: P8000
Tornado Power
Packaging unit: (qty 1)
Stored energy (joules): 21
Max. output energy (joules): 15
No-load voltage (volts): 8200
Voltage at 500 ohms (volts): 7200
Voltage at 100 ohms (volts): 7800
Voltage at 50 ohms (volts): 5800
Power input at 230 V (W): 25
No vegetation: 100
Little vegetation: 65
Normal vegetation: 30
Heavy vegetation: 15
Remote control option:
Recommended solar panel performance:
Number of 2 m earth stakes (min): 6
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Additional informationSince 2010, only energisers with a maximum of 15 Joules output energy can be sold in Europe. Based upon intensive research and long-time field tests, PATURA has implemented a completely new technology in energisers. With 15 Joules output energy, the new PATURA P8000 Tornado Power achieves the same or even higher fence voltages compared to the previous model P8000 with 37 Joules, even under high load conditions at the fence. This extreme efficiency improvement was achieved through the help of an isolated power supply (IPC) using a processed transformer design. With the P8000 Energiser the IPC power supply is used for the first time at all in energisers.Product referenceThe power supply with inductive coupling is simply plugged into the back of the energiser. There is no direct connection from the power supply to the energiser itselfDecisive advantage in my benefit• The ultra-low-impedance design with Tornado Power Technology allows highest voltages at the fence, even with heaviest vegetation.
• Even though limited to 15 Joules, the P8000 Tornado Power achieves at least the same or often even higher fence voltages compared to the clearly stronger previous model P8000 with 37 Joules output energy.
• Provides significantly higher fence voltages compared to equivalent conventional devices, when there is vegetation.
• 50% less power consumption with the same degree of safety in comparison to the previous model.
• The power supply via the isolated power transmission (IPC) offers at least a 10 times higher protection against lightning strikes and overvoltage.
Product description
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145910P8000 Tornado Power 230V power supply, 15 joule
with Delta PulseTM Technology
Remote Control
Remote Control
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 145910_Man_P8000-Tornado-Power 4,7 MB download

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