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P 60

All 9 V energisers are also suitable for 12 V operation

P 60

Our most powerful energiser using 9 V dry-cell batteries; high performance for effective animal control even under load conditions at the fence; battery test, slow pulse sequence, night save mode; half / full power; incl. fence and earth cable and stand = earth stake
Stored energy: 0.43 joules
Specifications: P 60
Packaging unit: (qty 1)
Stored energy (joules): 0.43
Max. output energy (joules): 0.33
No-load voltage (volts): 9600
Voltage at 500 ohms (volts): 2900
Max. power consumption at 9 V (mA): 24 – 45
Supply voltage (volts): 9 – 12
Max. fence length in km (multiple wires):  
No vegetation: 3.0
Little vegetation: 1.5
Normal vegetation: -
Heavy vegetation: -
Single indicator: -
3-step fence and battery monitors:
Connection to 9 and 12 V (*with separate 12 V cable): •*
Switch for 2 speeds:
Night save mode:
Switch for 2 power levels:
Deep discharge protection:
Minimum length of earth stake (metres): 0.25
Warranty: 3 year
Cargo icon:
Additional informationFor optimal function we recommend the use of alkaline batteries for all 9 V energisers
Product description
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141620P60 Energiser for 9 V and 12 V battery
Document download (Man = Manual; Spa = Sparelist)
 141220+141420+141620_148x210_Man_P20+P40+P60_DE-FR-GB 1,8 MB download

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