PATURA Weighing Systems

TRU-TEST: No. 1 worldwide for electronic scales for animal husbandry

What does a weighing system consist of?

A system consists of an indicator and 2 load bars or 4 weighing feet. The load bars record the weight and can be mounted under platforms, crushes or other weighing containers. They are connected to the indicator with the help of cables. The value measured by the load cells is converted into a weight with the help of the indicator and is shown on the display. The indicator automatically adapts itself to all weighing elements.

Tru-Test scales are not calibratable.


How does the weighing system get power?

The indicator can be powered either by a 12 V car/tractor battery, or by an appropriate mains adaptor. Alternatively, all models can be powered by a built-in rechargeable LiFePo battery.

Quick, easy weighing

The unique SUPERDAMP III software provides an accurate and stable weight in seconds, even with restless animals. For maximum accuracy the displayed stable weight is continuously updated.

Tru-Test weighing systems are specialised in weighing live animals.

Easy operation

The keys of the scales are large, easy to read, logically arranged and are intuitively operable. The large LCD display is easy to read in all light conditions. Clear operating instructions complete the userfriendly package.

All Tru-Test products meet the high quality requirements of ISO 9001 - the highest quality standard.

Simple installation

The scale can be installed and is ready for operation in a few minutes. You need a sturdy, level base (preferably a concrete slab). Depending on application, you then install a stable platform, a crush or other weighing container to the load bars or weighing feet.

Is the system compatible with ear tag readers?

The indicator units of the 5000 series and the EziWeigh model 7i have an EID-interface for a linkage to electronic animal identification systems (electronic ear tags, implants, etc.) as per ISO 11784/11785 standards.

How do I get the data to a computer?

Data transmission by software

The indicator units of the 5000 series, the EziWeigh 7i and S3 model, and the EID readers include a transfer software for downloading and/or uploading the stored data to or from a personal computer. The data files can be opened and processed with various spreadsheet programs. Additionally, you can create detailed reports directly on the indicators.

Data transmission by data app

Free of charge Android / Apple App for all Tru-Test indicators with Bluetooth interface

Weighing: Fields of application

  • Weighing of cattle in crushes or on platforms
  • Weighing of pigs on platforms or in cages
  • Weighing of calves on platforms or in cages
  • Weighing of sheep and lambs in crates or drafters
  • Weighing of horses on platforms
  • Weighing of agricultural goods on platforms

Weighing - Why?

  • Identification of ideal carcass weights
  • Monitoring of weight gain information for successful fattening
  • Identification of weight trends for improved feeding
  • Collection of weights for breeding
  • Collection of weights for proper dosing of veterinary drugs
  • Collection of weights for monitoring the health status

All Tru-Test weighing rods meet the highest quality standards. They are specially developed for agriculture and are characterised by accurate weighing as well as a long service life. Tru-Test weighing systems are not calibratable.


  • The load cells are manufactured in computer-controlled production procedures using high-quality material
  • The electronic parts of the load bars are fully sealed to allow operation under all weather conditions
  • All load bars have a 150 % overload capacity to allow for violent movement of the animals
  • Connector cables to meet the most severe demands
  • High quality cable connectors protect the load bars from moisture, dirt and adverse weather conditions
  • Robust coatings protect from moisture, animal soil and corrosion
  • Extremely simple to install