The PATURA product range

Explained quickly and simply

Whether you keep cattle, horses, sheep or other livestock, a solid foundation in animal husbandry is crucial to the success of your farm. In our guidebook you will learn everything about our product groups and their possible uses. We want to help you to provide your animals with the best possible care and to make your farm efficient. Immerse yourself in the world of animal husbandry and pasture fencing technology and benefit from our expertise and high-quality products.

Electric fence basics

The principle on which the electric fence works – and what differentiates it from other fences – is the animals’ reaction to the electric shock they receive when touching the fence. The electric shocks are not dangerous to either humans or animals, but nonetheless make them afraid of coming into frequent contact with the fence. This works in respect of all types of wildlife – both in containing animals as well as in protecting against them.

Basics of stable equipment

We offer you a wide range of products and solutions to optimally equip your barn and ensure the well-being of your animals.

Our stable equipment is characterised by its high quality, durability and functionality. Whether you want to equip a dairy barn, a calf barn or a horse barn, we have the right products for you.

Basics of feeding technique

Whether you keep cattle, horses, sheep or other animals, efficient and needs-based feeding is of great importance for their health and performance. In our guide you will learn about the different feeding systems available.

Basics of Livestock Watering Systems

Water is the most important and cheapest food for your animals. For this reason, it should always be available in good quality and, above all, in sufficient quantity. Various aspects and specifications must be considered and adhered to in the planning. The right choice of drinking trough, the appropriate installation location are basic prerequisites for good supply and thus healthy animals. The correct and safe installation of the drinking trough must also be ensured.

Weighing systems basics

Regular weighing is important to monitor the health of the animals and to ensure that they receive the correct amount of feed. Weighing can detect possible weight changes at an early stage, which may indicate health problems or feeding errors.