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Our website may be used without entering personal information. Different rules may apply to certain services on our site, however, and are explained separately below. We collect personal information from you (e.g. name, address, email address, telephone number, etc.) in accordance with the provisions of German data protection statutes. Information is considered personal if it can be associated exclusively to a specific natural person. The legal framework for data protection may be found in the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Telemedia Act (TMG). The provisions below serve to provide information as to the manner, extent and purpose for collecting, using and processing personal information by the provider

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Please be aware that data transfer via the internet is subject to security risks and, therefore, complete protection against third-party access to transferred data cannot be ensured.


Our website makes use of so-called cookies in order to recognize repeat use of our website by the same user/internet connection subscriber. Cookies are small text files that your internet browser downloads and stores on your computer. They are used to improve our website and services. In most cases these are so-called "session cookies" that are deleted once you leave our website.

To an extent, however, these cookies also pass along information used to automatically recognize you. Recognition occurs through an IP address saved to the cookies. The information thereby obtained is used to improve our services and to expedite your access to the website.

You can prevent cookies from being installed by adjusting the settings on your browser software accordingly. You should be aware, however, that by doing so you may not be able to make full use of all the functions of our website.

Server Data

For technical reasons, data such as the following, which your internet browser transmits to us or to our web space provider (so called server log files), is collected:

  • type and version of the browser you use
  • operating system
  • websites that linked you to our site (referrer URL)
  • websites that you visit
  • date and time of your visit
  • your Internet Protocol (IP) address.

This anonymous data is stored separately from any personal information you may have provided, thereby making it impossible to connect it to any particular person. The data is used for statistical purposes in order to improve our website and services.

Purpose of Registering

We offer you the opportunity to sign up for our website. The information entered when signing up, as shown in the registration form (ie. name, address, E-Mail, phone number and such like) is collected and stored solely for use by our website. When signing up for our website, we also store your IP address and the date and time you registered. This serves to protect us in the event a third party improperly and without your knowledge makes use of your data to sign up for our site. None of this information is transferred to third parties. Nor is any of this information matched to any information that may be collected by other components of our website.


Our website offers you the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter. The newsletter provides you periodically with information about our services. To receive our newsletter, we require a valid email address. We will review the email address you provide for the purpose of determining whether you are in fact the owner of the email address provided or whether the actual owner of said address is authorized to receive the newsletter. When subscribing to our newsletter, we will store your IP address as well as the date and time you subscribed. This serves to protect us in the event a third party improperly and without your knowledge makes use of your email address to subscribe to our newsletter. We will not collect any other data. The data thereby collected is used solely for the purpose of receiving our newsletter. No data is transferred to third parties. Nor is any of this information matched to any information that other components of our website may collect. You may cancel your subscription to the newsletter at any time. You will find additional details in the email confirming your subscription as well as in each newsletter.

Contacting Us

On our website we offer you the opportunity to contact us, either by email and/or by using a contact form. In such event, information provided by the user is stored for the purpose of facilitating communications with the user. In order to offer the user the best possible service, we may pass this information on to one of our responsible sales partners. This passing on can be contradicted at any time. The information provided in this way is not matched with data that may be collected by other components of our site.

Use of Friendly Captcha

Our website uses the "Friendly Captcha" service ( This service is operated and provided by Friendly Captcha GmbH (Am Anger 3-5, 82237 Wörthsee, Germany). Friendly Captcha is an innovative, data protection-friendly security solution to make it more difficult for automated programmes and scripts (so-called "bots") to use our website.
For this purpose, we have integrated a programme code from Friendly Captcha into our website (e.g. for contact forms), whereby the visitor's end device establishes a connection to the Friendly Captcha servers. In this way, the end device receives a calculation task from Friendly Captcha that it must solve, which requires some of the end device's system resources. The result of this task is transmitted to our web server. Our web server uses its connection to Friendly Captcha's systems to have the result confirmed by Friendly Captcha. Depending on whether the end device has solved the task correctly, we can add security rules to the requests to our website and process them further if they are successful or reject them in all other cases.
Friendly Captcha processes and stores the following visitor data in the process described above:

  • Anonymised IP address of the requesting end device
  • Information about the browser and operating system used
  • Anonymised counter per IP address to control the cryptographic tasks
  • Website from which the access took place
  • Version of the widget
  • Time of the request (timestamp)

This data is used exclusively to protect against spam and bots as described above.
Friendly Captcha does not set or read any cookies on the visitor's end device. IP addresses are only stored in one-way encrypted form (hashed); this does not allow us or Friendly Captcha to draw any conclusions about an individual person. If personal data is collected, it will be deleted after 30 days at the latest.
The legal basis for the processing is our legitimate interest in protecting our website from abusive access by bots, i.e. spam protection and protection against attacks (e.g. mass requests), Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR.
Further information on data protection when using Friendly Captcha can be found at


We use Matomo (formerly: "PIWIK") on our website. This is an open source software with which we can analyse the use of our website. Your IP address, the website(s) of our website that you visit, the website from which you switched to our website (referrer URL), the time you spend on our website and the frequency with which you visit one of our websites are processed.
To collect this data, Matomo stores a cookie on your end device via your Internet browser. This cookie is valid for one week.

If you have given your consent for this processing, the legal basis is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a GDPR. The legal basis may also be Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR. Our legitimate interest lies in the analysis and optimisation of our website.
However, we use Matomo with the anonymisation function "Automatically Anonymize Visitor IPs". This anonymisation function shortens your IP address by two bytes, making it impossible to assign it to you or to the internet connection you are using.

If you do not agree to this processing, you have the option of preventing the storage of cookies by changing the settings in your Internet browser. You can find more information on this above under "Cookies".

You also have the option of opting out of the analysis of your usage behaviour. By confirming the link a cookie is stored on your end device via your Internet browser, which prevents further analysis. Please note, however, that you will have to click on the above link again if you delete the cookies stored on your end device.


Use of YouTube components with enhanced data protection mode

On our website we use components (videos) of YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave., 94066 San Bruno, CA, USA, a company belonging to Google Inc., Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.

To this end, we use the “- enhanced data protection mode -” option provided by YouTube.

When you display a page that has an embedded video, a connection will be made to the YouTube server and the content will appear on the website via a communication to your browser.

According to the information provided by YouTube, in “- enhanced data protection mode -”, data is only transferred to the YouTube server, in particular which of our websites you have visited, if you watch the video. If you are logged onto YouTube at the same time, this information will be matched to your YouTube member account. You can prevent this from happening by logging out of your member account before visiting our website.

Further information about data protection by YouTube is provided by Google under the following link:


Publication of vacancy announcements/job applications

We electronically collect and process your application data for the purpose of completing the application process. If your application results in the conclusion of an employment contract, the data collected from you may be stored in your personnel file for purposes of normal organizational and administrative processes in compliance with appropriate legal requirements.

Upon rejection of your application, data you have provided is automatically deleted two months after notification of rejection. This does not apply in such instances where, due to legal requirements (such as the burden of proof obligation stipulated in the Equal Treatment Act) a longer storage period is necessitated or when you expressly agreed to have your data stored for a longer period in our database of prospective applicants.


On the basis of the Federal Data Protection Act, you may contact us at no cost if you have questions relating to the collection, processing or use of your personal information, if you wish to request the correction, blocking or deletion of the same, or if you wish to cancel explicitly granted consent. Please note that you have the right to have incorrect data corrected or to have personal data deleted, where such claim is not barred by any legal obligation to retain this data.

Sample Data Privacy Policy Statement provided by the Law Offices of Weiß & Partner

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