PATURA Barn and Stable Equipment

What does a stable consist of?

We offer you a wide range of products and solutions to equip your stable optimally and ensure a high level of animal welfare for your animals.

Our stable equipment is characterised by its high quality, durability and functionality. Whatever you want to equip - barn for dairy cows, calf barn or horse stable, we have the right products for you.

Planning Examples

Freestall barn for dairy cows

  • The available space corresponds to the requirements of large-framed animals
  • Cold shed with sufficient fresh air supply but without draft for an animal-friendly climate
  • Resting comfort with rubber mats or bedding

Open barn for beef bulls

  • Correct density level and group size
  • Pen dividers: sturdy 4 or 5 bar panels
  • Drinking troughs: built into dividers for protection

Calf barn with fix installed boxes

The design of the barn and the construction of the boxes ensure an optimal exchange of air. This can considerably reduce the germ load and thus significantly improve the health of the calves.

Calf barn with mobile pens

An in-out method is therefore much easier with calves. We offer holding systems which offer to keep calves up to 8 weeks individually in mobile pens.

Two-room bedded pack barn for suckler cows

  • The ideal solution with regard to building costs, work load and animal comfort
  • Separate area for calves which only calves can enter
  • Separate calving, sick animal and breeding bull pen

Two-room sloping floor shed for suckler cows

On a littered, sloping lying surface, the animals tread the manure downwards at the correct stocking density onto a flat surface, which is cleaned regularly, i.e. daily. This is done with automatic manure removal systems or by pushing it off with a tractor. 

Single-room bedded pack barn with raised feeding area for suckler cows

  • Livestock-friendly housing system for the professional suckler cow farmer
  • Continuous easy access at the feed front to the feed table despite of deep litter
  • Separate calving pen for optimum monitoring of the calving


Single-room bedded pack barn for suckler cows

  • Simple and animal-friendly livestock housing
  • Level surfaces in new sheds may be used alternatively (machine hangar, straw storage)
  • Utilisation of old buildings 

Open stable concept for horses

  • Optimal stable climate for man and horse
  • Calm animals through lively social contact
  • Rational feed technique