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Electric Fence Netting for Wolf Control

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Electric Fence Netting for Wolf Control

Wolf defense has special requirements on electric fence nettings.
Highly conductive PATURA Tornado XL nettings make sure that the wolf gets a strong electric shock, which is most important. If the ground is extremely dry and the fence is not covered with vegetation, nettings with ground conductors or plus-minus nettings can be used. PATURA also offers extra high electric fence nettings, which provide good protection and are difficult to move. Since wild animals approach the fence, which is often still unknown to them, with less caution, it can be useful to improve the nettings visually and acoustically to ensure that the animals approach the fence more slowly. For this purpose we recommend the signal tape our our specific polytape to deter wild animals.
Specifications: 120 cm high, with double spike, 50 m
Packaging unit: (qty 1)
Resistance (ohms/m): 1,3
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Specifications: 145 cm high, with double spike, 50 m
Packaging unit: (qty 1)
Resistance (ohms/m): 1,2
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Specifications: Spare Post with double spike, 1.20 m
Colour: -
Packaging unit: (qty 1)
No of galv. steel conductors: 7
Ø of galv. steel conductors (mm): 0.5
Ultimate tensile strength (kg): 150
Resistance (ohms/m): 0.12
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Product description
Ref.Product namerec. sales price, incl. VAT
110400Electric Fence Netting, height 120 cm
double spike, 50 m
110500Electric Fence Netting for wolf control
145 cm high, with double spike
112006Spare Post 1.20 m, double spike

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