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PATURA Farm Network Starter Kit

Works with any electric fence device.
Product detailsMonitor your pasture fence system with PATURA Farm Network. The Voltage will be recorded in real time at different positions of the fence and you can relax while your animals are protected and you are alerted about all problems (e.g. damaged fences, power or voltage drop).
The fence monitoring system consists of a fence monitoring center and at least one fence monitoring node.
The fence monitoring center represents the internet/cloud interface to the farm's network.
The fence monitoring nodes communicate with the fence monitoring center via radio and the first node can be up to 500 m (direct line of sight) away from the center. The system works like a network where each monitoring node can communicate with all other nodes within 500 m to send information to the fence monitoring center. Up to 50 fence monitoring nodes can be operated per one fence monitoring center.

PATURA Farm Network Starter Kit

• Farm Network Starter Kit consists of: 1x Fence Monitoring Center and 3x Fence Monitoring Nodes
• Ideal starter kit
• Can be expanded at any time with additional monitoring nodes (max. 50 pcs)
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Decisive advantage in my benefit• Fence monitoring nodes record the fence voltage
• Fence monitoring center collects information of fence monitoring nodes and sends it to a web server
• Cloud data storage and 24/7 access from anywhere on mobile (App) and web
• Firmware upgrades programmed via radio
• Allows for 50 fence monitoring nodes per system
• Install at key fence sections across your farm
• Easily extend the number of fence sections and farm area monitored by adding more nodes
• Rugged, weatherproof housing that resists all conditions
• Works with any energizer
• 3 years warranty
Product description
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156322Farm Network PATURA Starter Kit
1x fence monitoring center,
3x fence monitoring node
Document download (Man = Manual; Spa = Sparelist)
 15632X_Man_FarmNetwork_221213 5,8 MB download

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