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PATURA Feeding Box for calves

Product details• The new PATURA Feeding Box for modern calf-rearing
• For an easy individual calf feeding

PATURA Feeding Box for calves

The new PATURA Feeding Box for Calves supports the farmer in modern calf-rearing. Dairy farms that use techniques such as milk shuttles in calf feeding, can feed their animals here in a targeted manner. A lateral separation from the neighbouring calf and a rear locking of each individual box make controlled feeding possible. For the individual calf, a complete drinking intake can thus be guaranteed. If the farmer wants to separate his calves for a short time while standing, the sensitive head area of the animals is not affected.
For optimum operation, the calves must be accustomed to the locking position right from the start. For the support posts of the PATURA Calves Feeding and Drinking Box, it is recommended to mount them at every second position. One locking unit can open and close up to 4 places, simultaneously.
Type: Side Panel
Weight: 20.5 kg
Cargo icon:
Type: Locking Bracket
Weight: 3.4 kg
Cargo icon:
Type: Locking Set
Weight: 13.9 kg
Cargo icon:
Type: Feeding Bucket Holder for
for tubing 42 mm (1 each place)
Weight: 1.3 kg
Cargo icon:
Type: Post 60, 1.35 m
Specifications: Base plate 200 x 200 x 8 mm
Weight: 10 kg
Cargo icon:
Type: Tubing by the meter
Specifications: d= 42.4 x 3.2 mm, galvanised
Weight: 3.1 kg/m
Cargo icon:
Type: Tubing 1“ d=33,7 mm
Weight: 2.55 kg/m
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Type: Cross-Over Clamp, 60 mm x 42 mm
Specifications: 2" x 1 ¼"
Weight: 1.2 kg
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Product description
Ref.Product namerec. sales price, incl. VAT
324001Side Panel for feeding box
324002Locking Bracket for feeding boxfor calves
324003Locking Set for feeding box for calves
324004Feeding Bucket Holder for feeding boxincl. U-bolts and counter plate
303460Post d=60 mm, l=1.35 m,with base plate
341261Neck Bar 1 1/4"", diam. 42.4 x 3.2 mm(per m)
341260Rohr 1" x 3,25 mm, verzinktMeterware
341233Cross-Over Clamp 2'' x 1 1/4'',galvanised
Document download (Man = Manual; Spa = Sparelist)
 324001-324004_Man_210x297_1c_Kaelber_Fress_und_Traenkestand_200302 3,5 MB download

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