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Product details• For the construction of mobile handling systems, mobile stalls, round pens and riding arenas
• Made of hot-rolled special flattened 50 x 30 x 1.5 mm oval tubing for the highest level of stability with low weight
• Clearance between tubes: 20 cm
• Height of topmost tube, 1.60 m, overall height 1.70 m
• Chain lock makes for quick attachment even on uneven ground, with a notch for optimum chain tensioning
• Feet in the form of skids for optimum stability and easy movement when loaded
• Raised end tubes prevent the legs of horses that jump up from slipping between the panels


Type: Panel-6 2.40 m
Specifications: Width 2.40 m, height 1.70 m
(1 central brace)
Weight: 33 kg
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Type: Panel-6 3.00 m
Specifications: Width 3.00 m, height 1.70 m
(1 central brace)
Weight: 39 kg
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Type: Panel-6 3.60 m
Specifications: Width 3.60 m, height 1.70 m
(2 central braces)
Weight: 47 kg
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Type: Panel-6 4.00 m
Specifications: Width 4.00 m, height 1.70 m
(2 central braces)
Weight: 51 kg
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Technical data2 tubes turned around
Product description
Ref.Product namerec. sales price, incl. VAT
310202Panel 2.40 m, H = 1.70 m, galv.
310200Panel-6 3.00 m, H = 1.70 m galv.
310201Panel 3.60 m, H = 1.70 m, galv.
310203Panel 4.00 m, H = 1.70 m, galv.
(2 central braces)

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