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Handling System A 5000 K, hoof care

Completely recoilless winches
Product details• Version KVW: frame, bottom and doors hot-dip galvanised
• Sturdy frame of 50 x 50 mm steel tubing, base of anti-slip steel plate
• Adjustable headbail with safety baulk gate
• Automatically sliding back stop
• Side 3-point linkage for draw bar
• Hoof care: comfortable belly strap winch with double belly straps, hind foot
winch with foot strap, front foot rest or front foot winch (optional)
• Inner dimensions: length 2.20 m, width 0.82 m, height 1.65 m
• Outer dimensions: length 2.95 m (3.35 m with open door), width 1.25 m, height 1.90 m

Handling System A 5000 K, hoof care

Type: Cattle Crush A5000 KW, hoof care
Specifications: Same as 302500, but incl. front foot winch instead of front foot rest
Weight: 587 kg
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Type: Cattle Crush A5000 KVW, hoof care
Specifications: same as KW, but hot-dip galvanised
and with front foot winch
Weight: 609 kg
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Product description
Ref.Product namerec. sales price, incl. VAT
302510Crush A 5000 KW, hoof care (w/o footwinch), 4 side gates, baulk gate,
3-point tow hitch
302502Crush A 5000 KVW, hoof care incl. frontfoot winch, hot-dip galvanised

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