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Light Divider - 90 - 170 cm

Please order base section and extension section separately
Product details

Light Divider - 90 - 170 cm

• Light divider for calves, or as entry; height 1.15 m
• Consisting of base section and pull-out section:
5 cross bars Ø 42.4 x 2.4 mm/33.7 x 2.5 mm
• Can be used as gate by adding lock (Ø 25mm) attached by screws
Type: Light Base Section 0.57 m (90/120)
Weight: 9.5 kg
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Type: Light Base Section 1.07 m (140/170)
Weight: 15 kg
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Type: Light Base Section 1.60 m (2/3)
Weight: 20.5 kg
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Type: Light Base Section 2.60 m (3/4)
Weight: 31 kg
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Type: Light Base Section 3.60 m (4/5)
Weight: 43.5 kg
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Type: Light Extension Section Bowl 1.56 m
Weight: 17 kg
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Type: Light Extension Section Gate 1.52 m
Weight: 18.5 kg
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Type: Light Extension Section 1.56 m
Weight: 17 kg
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Product referenceOrder posts and install material separately
Product description
Ref.Product namerec. sales price, incl. VAT
323091Base section, light 0.57 m (90/120)
323093Base section, light 1.07 m (140/170)
323085Base section, light 1.60 m (2/3)
323086Base section, light 2.60 m (3/4)
323087Base section, light 3.60 m (4/5)
304120Extension section, light - Bowl 1.56 m
304130Extension section, light - Gate 1.52 m
304131Extension section, light - Divider 1.56

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