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Livestock Watering Systems - Basics for Horses

Criteria for selection of the adequate water trough

• Is the water trough suitable for the animal type and for the age of the animal? ①
• Is the water amount per minute, the water volume and the number of drinking positions consistent with the needs of the animal or animal group? ②
• Is the water trough suitable for the type of penning (single or group)?
• Is the water trough heatable which means suitable for installation in cold or open housing?

Criteria for correct installation

• The heigtht of the water trough has to be adjusted to the size of the animal ③
• As far as possible away from the feeding site to eliminate the feed getting wet and the troughs getting soiled with the feed ④
• Choose installation site for group penning so that drinking animals do not obstruct other animals ④
• Installation of the troughs needs to be secure from damages (by kicks, or crowding) ⑤
• Install water and electrical lines secure against browsing damages
• Locate so that soiling with excrements is not possible ⑥
① Optimum water trough for horses

Open Water Troughs
"drinking from open water surfaces in nature is typical for pasture livestock"
better than

Float Valve Bowl
"ideal for young stock and sensitive animals"
better than

Pipe Valve Bowl
"suitable for all types of animals"
better than

Nose-Paddle Bowl
"less recommended for horses"

② Daily water requirement for horses

Large horse in pasture

Large horse feeding on hay

Foal, 200 kg

Mare, lactating

③ Mounting dimensions for horse troughs
④ Configuration of water troughs for group penning of horses

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