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Calf barn with fix installed boxes

Calf barn with fix installed boxes

In order to successfully raise calves, the management in relation to penning, feeding and health must be perfectly matched.
One possibility is a calf barn with fixed boxes followed by growing in group pens. The structure of the stall and the construction of boxes ensure an optimum air exchange. As a result, the bacterial load is considerably reduced and thus the health of the calves is significantly increased.

1. Keeping calves up to 10-12 weeks of age in permanently installed veal pens:
• Good stall overview
• Due to removable walls group boxes are quickly and easily possible
• Calves can stay until in the boxes until weaning
• Can be combined with automatic feeding systems
• Easy, fast cleaning due to an almost complete disassembly of the boxes
• Installation of veal pens on two solid bases, which serve as sliding edge during mechanical manure removal

2. Keeping calves in group pens after the 8th week of life up to 6 months:
• Through a consistent stable climate the critical transition phase is facilitated
• Calves can be fixed by a self-locking feed front
• Automatic drinking or drinking trough suckler buckets at the feed front is possible
• Two-room beddedpack barn with slatted floors and straw
• Quick manure removal by one person with yard loader

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