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Single-room bedded pack barn

Single-room bedded pack barn for suckler cows

Useful in the following situations as simple and animal- friendly livestock housing
• Utilisation of old buildings
• Level surfaces in new sheds may be used alternatively (machine hangar, straw storage)

To consider in comparison to the two-room bedded pack barn:
• Considerably higher straw requirement
• A step of 40 cm height and 40 cm width should be provided at the feed table so that the animals are always level with the feed front even with increasing manure

For larger herds:
• Dividers in the resting area, so as to avoid territorial disputes
• Option: sub-divide a herd into cows with male and female calves

Important: separate pen for calves
• Protection for calves right after birth
• Supplement feeding possible

Special pens:
• For breeding bulls
• Calving pens for winter calving

Water troughs:
• Install near the feed table
• Ensure frost-free operation

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