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Two-room sloping floor shed

Animal-friendly shed system with low straw requirement

Animal-friendly methods that are widespread in suckler cow farming are almost always based on bedded resting areas. In order to minimise the bedding usage a sloping floor shed should be considered.
The animals at the correct stocking rate on a bedded, sloping resting area tread the soil down to a level surface, which is cleaned regularly – i.e. daily. This is done by automatic manure removal system, or by scraper. In large herds, it is advisable to install dividers in the resting area, so as to avoid territorial disputes. As a matter of principle, building in supports into the manure area should be avoided, so as not to interfere with the manure flow. In suckler cow farming, the provision of a pen for calves which the calves seek out for themselves right after birth, is important. If needed, the calves can also be fed there separately. Separate pens for breeding bulls are required, as are calving pens for winter calving. A subdivision of the herd into male and female animals may be considered. Water troughs should preferably be placed near the area of the feed tables. In view of the extensive area, care should be taken to ensure frost-free operation, ball-valve or heated individual bowls are appropriate here.

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