Totem Cattle Brush

Ref. 334038

Technical data

  • Weight 55,00 kg
  • Height 1,50 m

PATURA Post Brush


  • Suitable for horses and cattle
  • Height 1.50 m
  • 26 brush rings
  • Floor mountable through base plate or through floor mounting kit

The floor mountable brush requires no power and is suitable for horses and cattle. She can be fixed onto concreted ground by means of a base plate or by floor mounting kit on the pasture. The fixed brush discs provide increased resistance for the animals while cleaning the fur and therefore increase the activity level.

The invidual brush discs are easy to clean and replace. They stand out for their high longevity, however all parts are available in case something breaks.&amp";nbsp;"

More information
More information
  • Package type: unpacked
  • Cargo type: Deliveries with PATURA truck or forwarding agent

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