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1. Conductivity of the fence wiring


Long lengths of electric fence can only function using fence wiring with good conductivity. When using 4 wires of 2.5 mm steel, fences up to 120 km can be considered when there is no vegetation. Using only one wire of the same, the maximum length drops to 30 km.
If you go down to one compact-polywire that has 6 x Ø 0.20 mm stainless steel strands, the maximum length of fence goes down to 250 m. If there is vegetation at the fence, then these figures drop considerably. Depending on the desired fence length and the anticipated vegetation level the fence wire must be selected carefully. Please refer to section "Fence Wires, Polywires, Polyrope, Polytape" for more information.

In longer fence lengths, only high conductivity fence wires ensure maximum performance to the end of the fence.

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