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Single-room bedded pack barn with raised feeding area

Livestock-friendly housing system for the professional suckler cow farmer

Important for the farmer of a large quantity of suckler cows especially for winter calving:

  • Stall system needs to be efficient
  • Optimum supervision possibilities

Second feeding table

  • Offers an entrance to the rear stable range
  • That is where the calves are – selective and separate auxiliary feeding is possible
  • That is where the calving area is: optimum monitoring of the calving

Raised feeding area:

  • Continuous easy access at the feed front to the feeding table despite of deep loose housing
  • Depth: torso length + 30 cm

For larger herds:

  • Dividers in the resting area, so as to avoid territorial disputes
  • Optional: sub-divide a herd into cows with male and female calves

Drinking troughs:

  • Install in the area of the feeding table
  • In view of the extensive area care should be taken to ensure frost-free operation
  • Farmdrinkers or heated individual bowls

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