Gate for electric fence netting, double spike, 1,20 x 1,12 m (L x H)

Ref. 108600

Technical data

  • Length 1,20 m
  • Height 1,12 m

Fast, easy and safe access to the pasture!

The extra large gate for electric fence nettings can be quickly and easily integrated even on already erected fences - regardless of the net used. The conductive materials allow the gate to be electrified, thus increasing herding safety. Thanks to the opening width of 1.20 m and the insulated handle, access is safe and uncomplicated, as it is not necessary to switch off the electric fence first. The gate is also ideally suited for poultry due to the narrow mesh sizes.

  • Suitable for all nettings
  • Double spike

Product reference

Note the smaller mesh size in the bottom section

More information
  • Package type: carton
  • Cargo type: Parcel goods