Suitable for
  • Horses
  • Ponies
  • Calves
  • Alpacas

Food saving and engagement for your animals in one

Hay Feeding Bag

Ref. 303861

Technical data

  • Weight 1,00 kg
  • Capacity 75 l

Versatile use: for horses and ponies or even calves and alpacas!

The PATURA Hay Feeding Bag conveniently offers various application possibilities for the roughage supply of horses, calves and other animals. The use of food-safe plastic allows the animals to acquire the feed in a healthy and playful way. The hay bag is easy to fill and clean. It can be used in the stable, on the pasture or during transport. Due to the arrangement of the feeding openings, the animals' nostrils rest on the low-odor plastic material and dust exposure is minimized. The duration of the feed intake is extended and feed losses are avoided.

  • Food-safe plastic
  • 18 feed openings
  • Feed openings Ø 8 cm
  • Capacity 75 l
  • Height 70 cm
  • Total Ø 37 cm
  • Cord with 2 carabiners for fastening included


  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Extension of feed intake time
  • Lower dust load
  • Less feed loss
More information
More information
  • Package type: carton
  • Cargo type: Parcel goods