Suitable for
  • Dairy cows

Hoof Care Crush Profi

Ref. 310006

Technical data

  • Weight 190,00 kg
  • Length 2,10 m
  • Width 1,12 m
  • Height 2 m

Hoof Care Crush “Pro”

The Hoof Care Crush type "Profi" is an all-round model for safe and rational hoof care in dairy farming. As standard with height-adjustable rear foot winch, which allows for different working heights, the upper position offers a comfortable working height of 90 cm. For large-frame dairy cattle breeds, lifting the hind legs to this height is no problem. For smaller breeds or even for young cattle, lifting should be limited to 75 cm to protect the ligaments of the hind limbs.

  • Sweep crush with steel grating base, galvanised
  • Made of 70 / 50 x 2.6 mm steel tube
  • Recoilless belly strap winch, 2 wide belly straps
  • Swinging rear gate, soil guard, recoilless rear foot winch with adjustable working height 75 – 90 cm
  • Inner passing width: 75 cm
  • Rear gate + winch
  • Soil guard
  • Incl. 1 set restraining bars
  • 2/3 front gate with locking yoke

Product reference

Order front foot winch separately


  • Comfortable front foot winch for easy lifting of the front feet
  • Height-adjustable hind foot winch
  • Self-locking abdominal belt winch
More information
  • Package type: unpacked
  • Cargo type: Deliveries with PATURA truck or forwarding agent