Calf Feeding Bucket 9 l, grey,

complete with hard teat and ball valve

For feeding in individual or group housing, suckler buckets are mostly used. These can have a volume of 9 to 13 liters and offer farmers the
opportunity to feed their calves ad libitum or restrictively. Thanks to the transparency of the bucket, the fill level can be checked remotely. This feature
helps farmers to control calf health, especially when feeding restrictively, and saves time and travel.
Depending on the preferences of the farmer and especially of the calves, different types and shapes of teats and valves can be selected.
In the case of teats, the difference lies mainly in the hardness of the teat. For the valves, ball valve and 1-Click valve, the difference lies in the design
of the valves. The ball valve is screwed firmly to the teat bucket. The 1-Click valve is placed on the teat and pulled and clamped from the inside
through the outer wall of the teat bucket. The main difference lies in the time needed to install and remove the valves, and the total cleaning time.

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