The new flexibility at the feed front:

Central Frame for neck width adjustment

The neck width no longer needs to be adjusted individually at each place, but can be set without tools using a handle.


  • For beef cattle:
    Adjustment of the collar width according to the growth of the animals
  • For dairy cattle:
    If there is no need to lock the animals, the frame for the collar width adjustment cam be set to maximum opening. The anmals get easier access to the feed alley.
  • For all fields of application:
    All feeding places can be locked at the same time in one go. If the animals are not allowed to get access to the feed alley e.g. durng the time a mixer or any other machine is drinving on the feed alley (position lock-up)

Mounting tip

Zur Montage wird pro Rahmen benötigt:

  Ref. 321074 Ref. 321072 Ref. 321073
Frame 10/6 1 4 5
Frame 9/6 1 4 5
Frame8/6 1 3 4
Frame 8/5 1 3 4
Frame 7/5 1 3 4
Frame 6/4 1 2 3

Practical tip

For mounting on PATURA SV or SSV Feed Front.
The standard intermediate rods are no longer needed.

More information
  • Package type: unpacked
  • Cargo type: Deliveries with PATURA truck or forwarding agent