Suitable for
  • Horses
  • Ponies
Closed off gaps for highest safety
Safety Horse Feed Front

Safety Horse Feed Front, 3 Feed Spaces

Ref. 303563

Technical data

  • Weight 54,00 kg
  • Mounted length 191 cm
  • Nominal length 210 cm
  • Feed space 3
  • Feed space width 70 cm
  • Feeding place pitch 53 cm

PATURA Horse Feed Fronts

Horse feed fronts can be applied for provision of feed in individual as well as group enclosures. A feed table accessible by vehicle allows for provision of feed to larger groups with minimum effort. For individual horse stalls one gate is installed in the feed front of each stall.

The PATURA horse feed fronts come without clamps and bolts. Filler bars are used to close the feed front between the individual feed spaces.

  • Fastening on both sides by one-hand locking (Ref. 334284); the complete feed front can swing out
  • Assembly to existing building structures or with posts Ø 102 mm, length 2.13 m

Product reference

All dimensions are non-binding guidelines!
Please order telescoping brackets, posts and assembly accessories separately

Practical tip

with potentially corrosive feeds (silage), use a bitumen coating!

Important dimensions

Theoretical feeding place width:

  • approx. 70 cm (3 places / 2.10 m)
  • approx. 73 cm (4 places / 2.92 m)
  • approx. 58 cm (5 places / 2.92 m)


  • Feed front welded - easy installation
  • Closed off gaps for highest safety
More information
  • Package type: unpacked
  • Cargo type: Deliveries with PATURA truck or forwarding agent
  • Order posts and install material separately