Retractable Roller Gates which are steady and professionally designed for the everyday use

In recent years, gate rollers have proven to be a practical means of closing gates, entrances and overrides at pastures and stables or outlets. A gate roller consists of a gate handle with approximately 6 to 20 m of polytape or rope that can be wound and unwound via a special spring mechanism. Most systems on the market have proven to be very vulnerable. Problems with contamination and corrosion have often given the gate rollers only a short service life.

PATURA has developed a completely new system that constructively addresses all problem areas:

  • A high-quality, rust-free, texture-rolled mainspring is used as the spring, which is completely encapsulated inside the roller. The spring can be readjusted and even completely replaced, if necessary, after years, in contrast to systems on the market.
  • To prevent contamination, the roller has been left completely open. Any dirt adhering to the belt does not accumulate in the housing, but simply falls back to the floor.
  • Only 20 mm polytape is used as conductor material. This has optimum winding properties with low weight and is highly visible to horses. The tape is neatly inserted into the reel by a movable nylon guide, even when there is lateral tension. Abrasion on the tape is absolutely minimized.
  • The frame structure and suspension, unlike the simple systems, is made entirely of galvanised steel.

Two suspensions with two belt tape lengths are available:
The rigid suspension is mainly suitable for normal gates in the pasture.
The pivoting suspension is very suitable for wall mounting and everywhere where gates run in different directions e.g. at drive ways or outlets.
The PATURA special roller gate is available with tape lengths of 10 or 20 metres.

Gates in fences are necessary to allow unhindered access to fenced-in areas, as well as for herding animals in and out. Gates often constitute a weak point in a fence - which is why special care is needed in their construction.

Practical tip

If the door has only a small width, the polytape can be deflected at the opposite side with 2 polytape corner donut insulators and returned again. In this way, a 2-row door is built with only one door roller.

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More information
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