Suitable for
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Wolves

Tornado XL electric fence netting with highest conductivity

Tornado XL Electric Fence Netting

Tornado XL Electric Fence Netting, double spike, 50 x 0,90 m (L x H)

Ref. 109250

Technical data

  • Colour


  • Length 50 m
  • Height 0.9 m
  • Resistance 0.1 Ohm/m

Tornado XL Electric Fence Nettings, highest power level for long distances

As a special feature, PATURA offers the combined processing of stainless steel and copper conductors in nettings. Stainless steel conductors are extremely durable, copper conductors have very good conductivity. In contrast to conventional nettings, a long durability is achieved with high conductivity at the same time.

  • Additional copper conductors for significantly improved conductivity up to the fence end
  • Resistance: 0.1 Ω / m
More information
  • Package type: carton
  • Cargo type: Parcel goods