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  • Horses
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Special heights, different materials or colours upon request - please contact us

Bayscreen, width 13.70 m

Bayscreen, Height 1.00 m

Ref. B13710

Technical data

  • Weight 16,90 kg
  • Width 13.7 m
  • Height 1 m

Clip-On Wind & Weather Protection Screens

Wind protection netting easily clips onto existing supports and posts to close every "gap" in the building. Ideal for open-front livestock buildings, machine and storage buildings, and all other buildings where fresh air and light are required, but at the same time draughts, rain and (e.g.,) birds are to be kept out. Can be completely removed at any time. Suitable for attaching to steel, wood and concrete. Delivered ready to assemble with sewn-in tensioning straps, ratchets and PVC protective profiles.

1. Establishing the dimensions
Dimensions (width/height) of the area to be covered from the left edge of the left post to the right edge of the right post. The length of the mesh in the tensioned state is the length given in the list + 50 mm, tolerance +/- 0.5 % Bayscreens must always be installed on the outside of a building between supports or posts: e.g., 3 openings 5 m wide should be protected with 3 Bayscreen panels of 5 m each, not one of 15 m (loss of warranty)

2. Fitting adjustment
Width: may be shortened as required, height: no adjustment possible (next possible height + surcharge)

3. Colour
Special mesh available in green, blue, beige, grey, brown and black at no extra charge

Product reference

Technical data for tensioning straps and ratchets

The following tensioning straps are worked into the mesh 50 cm apart. (Hooks for max. post sizes up to 20 mm are suitable)

Mesh dimensions widths 3.00 to 6.10 m 6.10 to 9.14 m 9.14 to 13.70 m 13.70 to 18.30 m
Tensioning straps width / load 25 mm / 1000 kg 25 mm / 2000 kg 50 mm / 3000 kg 50 mm / 5000 kg
Ratchets width / load 25 mm / 900 kg 25 mm / 2000 kg 50 mm / 5000 kg 50 mm / 5000 kg

Mounting tip

  • Wind protection Bayscreens combined with a sliding track kit can be used as a light curtain system (recommendation up to 2.00 m in height). Plastic Roller every 1.00 m (incl. bracket with single roller)
  • Wind protection Bayscreens, using tensioning straps and ratchets, are easy to install and remove for access
More information
More information
  • Package type: carton
  • Cargo type: Parcel goods
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