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  • Dairy cows
  • Suckler cows
  • Calves
  • Horses
  • Ponies
  • Sheep
  • Goats
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  • Poultry
  • Cops

Different materials or colours upon request - please contact us

Trackscreen, width 19.0 m

Trackscreen, Height 3.00 m

Ref. TS19030

Technical data

  • Weight 101,00 kg
  • Width 19 m
  • Height 3 m

Ideal for large openings and doors

For doors with an opening of more than 6.00 m, Rollerdoors are not sufficiently wind-safe. For this area of operation the Trackscreen curtain was developed. The entire curtain slides on massive rollers in a track, while being additional stabilised with built-in tensioning straps. Recommended for wind speeds up to 88 km/h.

1. Netting fitments
All Trackscreens have welded-in webbing straps (25 mm x 2000 kg). Strap quantity: qty 2 (2 m height), qty 3 (to 3 m height), qty 3 (to 4 m height), qty 4 (to 5 m height). The lower webbing strap ends 75 mm above the ground, the bottom flap is 35 cm. For opening doors up to 3 m height, 2 ratchets (50 mm x 5000 kg), and for doors over 3.10 m height, 3 ratchets, are installed on the free end.

2. Arrangement and installation
Trackscreen can be made to any length and height. A later height adjustment is not possible. Trackscreen can be installed to open to the left or to the right. Additional sliding post option allows access from both ends.The pushed-back trackscreen takes up about 10 % of the total opening (e.g., for a curtain length of 12.0 m, the pushed-back trackscreen takes about 1.2 m, leaving an opening of 10.8 m).

3. Checking the installation site
Ensure that there are no obstructions (e.g., rain gutters, drain pipes, posts) since the trackscreen folds up to approx. 50 cm on the inside and outside. Ensure that there is sufficient room on the opening end to attach the 50 mm tensioning ratchets (a minimum of 36 cm). Ensure that there is sufficient room on the fixed end to attach the 25 mm ratchets (a minimum of 20 cm).

4. Establishing the dimensions

  • Measure width A – clear opening dimension – for widths under a full metre take the next complete metre,the width of the net can be reduced on site.
  • Measure height B - clear opening dimension – for heights between full metres take the next largest height,when ordering, the exact height must be given – it is not possible to shorten it later.
  • Necessary information:
    Tracking under the beam – Option C
    Tracking in front of the beam – Option D
  • The tracking must definitely be horizontal

5. Colour
Special mesh available in green, blue, beige, grey, brown and black at no extra charge

The mesh width can be cut to size on site, but the height must be correctly stated in the order

Product reference

Please indicate clear opening height and width

More information
More information
  • Package type: pallet
  • Cargo type: Freight charges upon request
  • Please specify clear opening height and width
Documents for downloading (Man = operating instructions; Spa = spare parts list; Inf = additional documents)